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Wireless Solutions and Accessories

Wireless Solutions and Accessories, WSA, is a cell phone repair and accessories shop that is locally owned throughout the OKC Metro. They have three locations in Norman, Midwest City, and Oklahoma City, and have been in this industry for years providing a budget-friendly alternative for consumers.

How do you make a small business stand out among intense competition?

The Challenge

WSA was an established business, but they were struggling to compete within the industry in the area. Phone repair and accessories can seem like a pretty mundane product, and people may not see the point in choosing one business over another. We had to figure out what set them apart from their competitors.

The Solution

Instead of trying to completely rebrand WSA, we created a new strategy revolving around what they already had. Visually, we mimicked common styles from big wireless brands and cellular companies. Conceptually, we focused on making sure people knew what WSA sells and what their values are. WSA isn’t a big-brand store with big prices and complicated processes. They’re a local, cost-friendly option that cares.

Thought Process

Phones are important to us, but they also happen to be an expensive part of our lives. The consumers coming to WSA are looking for great services at a good price. WSA has that, with the added bonus of great people who know what they’re doing.

A blue feather flag against a blue sky advertising cell phone repair

Design Decision

This project was based around clear, simple messaging and clean visuals. We wanted to change that up a bit, so we made the decision to get more creative with our imagery. We made a few assets that combined the terms we use to describe our broken phones with literal imagery. We created something a little more engaging and unique.

“The team is incredible. They always get it done.”

Erica Walker

Executive Director, Warriors for Freedom


Sales have skyrocketed.

Increase in Sales from previous year
Increase in Donations
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