7 Tricks for Writing Internal Branding Voice

July 13, 2022
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July 20, 2022

Why Copywriting Is Important for Internal Branding Voice

An excellent internal branding voice is a trait shared by all successful brands. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start this lesson of Frank University at the beginning.

Okay, you’ve decided to break into the copywriting business. Interesting choice. I wouldn’t have done it, but I’m glad you feel the freedom to be you.

An essential first lesson for beginners is learning why copywriting matters.

Literacy is at an all-time low in this business, particularly in the graphic design department. But that doesn’t mean that copywriting is unimportant. In fact, good copywriting is more important than ever, especially regarding the internal branding voice.

Have you ever told a story when you’re hanging out with your friends, and nobody listens? No, of course not because you’re a great human being. But, just for a moment, imagine that you did struggle with that problem. In truth, there is nothing uninteresting in the world. That’s a frank fact. There are only tedious ways to tell interesting stories.

People will listen to anything you have to say as long as you say it in an interesting way. That’s what makes for good copywriting, and that’s what makes for an excellent internal branding voice.

Behind the Voice

An internal branding voice implies the existence of an external branding voice. This is true but forget about that for now. We’re looking inside ourselves to learn our values; the customer can wait.

Your brand has a story (would-be copywriters, take note: everything has a story). More importantly, your brand is the mythical hero of its own story, and everyone loves a good heroic myth. Alright, class, who can tell me why we love heroes?

That’s a joke. I wrote this blog long before you had the chance to read it and answer that question. I didn’t have time to wait for you, so I answered the question below.

We love our mythic heroes because they embody our values. We love Batman when he wears his underwear outside of his clothes and fights crime because we love seeing a fashion icon stand up for their beliefs.

Your brand is no different than Batman. I think. I obviously don’t know much about Batman, but I like the metaphor regardless.

Your customers like your brand because they know what you stand for. But they only know what you stand for because of your internal branding voice.

Your internal branding voice should unite all aspects of how you run your brand. You need to put words to why you even started your business in the first place. Explain what you stand for to yourself, let it influence how you train your employees, and let it echo through all of your internal communication. As long as your brand is unified under one distinct idea of who it is, your client will see it from a mile away.

Take the Frank brand, for example. Our brand identity is that we’re in it for the money. And we will die on that hill.

Stop Wasting My Time and Tell Me the 7 Tricks for Writing an Internal Branding Voice

Oh, right, I forgot about the whole point of this blog post. I guess there’s only one crucial trick, and that’s to stay consistent. It’s not that hard.

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