Twitter Allows Cannabis Advertising: What This Means for the Industry

February 17, 2023
Written by
Bailey Fortenbaugh
Published on
February 17, 2023

Big changes have been happening on Twitter, and the social media website just implemented a new policy regarding cannabis advertising on their platform.

In places where cannabis is legal, cannabis businesses are now able to run ads on Twitter. This is a big deal, as most social media platforms and digital advertising services are pretty strict about their cannabis marketing policies. Marketing for cannabis is hard as is, and the advertising world has historically made it difficult for cannabis businesses to promote themselves online.

Now that this new policy is in place, what does that mean for your cannabis business and the industry as a whole? We’ll look into why Twitter created this policy, what the new policy entails, and how it will benefit the cannabis industry.

Why did Twitter Allow Cannabis Advertising?

Put simply, the conversations around cannabis are changing, and Twitter recognizes this. “The cannabis space on Twitter is fun and engaging with users Tweeting about their experiences using cannabis – whether medicinally, for wellness, or recreation – as well as recommending brands, products, and retail locations,” Twitter wrote in a blog post about the policy change. “The conversation also reflects where the cannabis industry is currently heading: legislative/policy reform, business development, and community impact.”

The cannabis industry has changed drastically since its slow, early years of legalization and development. It is now intertwined with legislation, business, our communities, and more. With this change and expansion, Twitter has decided to amplify these conversations by allowing cannabis advertising. This not only reflects the major influence of the cannabis market but also its legitimacy as a thriving, growing industry that affects so many people.

What Does the New Twitter Cannabis Policy Do?

Advertisers in Canada and the United States in provinces and states that have legalized cannabis can advertise on Twitter, with many rules and regulations that implement compliance on different levels. In both countries, advertisers must be licensed to sell cannabis by the appropriate authorities and can only advertise in areas they are permitted to operate in. This encompasses CBD products, medical marijuana, and recreational cannabis, all depending on what’s legal in an advertiser’s area and what they are licensed to sell.

All accounts running cannabis ads must be pre-approved by Twitter.

In the United States, the policy also takes extra care to mention that no ads promote illegal actions, such as transporting cannabis across state lines or driving while under the influence. There are also strict guidelines for ensuring the ads are not appealing to children, and all websites linking to cannabis ads on Twitter must have an age verification page upon landing.

They’ve also prohibited showing products in use, celebrity endorsements, false/misleading claims, efficacy claims, and health claims. 

So to summarize, there are still a lot of restrictions, but being able to advertise cannabis on Twitter is still a huge step forward.

How Will Twitter’s New Cannabis Ad Policy Benefit the Industry?

There are quite a few reasons why this is a huge deal for the cannabis industry. Here are a few:

  1. Better Visibility: Cannabis companies can now take advantage of a new visibility platform that was previously relatively inaccessible. This gives cannabis businesses the opportunity to reach wider audiences, acquire new customers, and explore digital marketing for their brand in a new way.
  2. More Legitimacy: Cannabis comes with a stigma, and being banned from advertising on many platforms doesn’t really help lift that reputation. Behind the scenes of social and advertising media, the cannabis industry has become an influential, established market. This new policy recognizes its legitimacy and influence, which will only build over time with policies like these.
  3. Increased Revenue: Twitter and cannabis businesses alike benefit from this policy. While cannabis businesses are making more money from advertising, Twitter will be making more money by being one of the only platforms to allow cannabis advertising. It will be interesting to see if other social platforms follow suit in hopes of tapping into the cannabis market like Twitter has.
  4. Better Education: One of the biggest challenges the cannabis industry faces is educating the public about cannabis. This policy will allow more educational content about cannabis to circulate and help people better understand cannabis.
  5. Greater Social Reach: The cannabis industry has been rooted in advocacy and social change since it began, fighting for measures like cannabis law reform, better regulation, and more. Twitter’s new policy will give this advocacy more visibility than ever before.

How do I Comply with the New Policy?

If you’re a CBD storefront, medical dispensary, or recreational dispensary, you can now advertise on Twitter by following the guidelines above and going through Twitter’s approval process.

Despite this amazing change, it’s still difficult to advertise as a cannabis business. This industry is extremely regulated (for good reason, of course), and there are still a lot of stigmas attached to cannabis that can be difficult to overcome. Advertising cannabis is an art and a science, one that relies on a deep understanding of the rules and creative solutions that stand out from everyone else while still remaining compliant.

The good news is that Frank has been in the cannabis marketing game since CBD was legalized in 2015. We’ve worked with CBD companies, medical cannabis businesses, and recreational dispensaries alike for 8 years now. We’re up to date with every policy change, law, and regulation in the book within our home state of Oklahoma, across the U.S., and even up to our northern neighbors in Canada. We handle the hard stuff so you don’t have to. You get to focus on your business, while we handle the legalities and regulations.

After all, it’s our job to be cannabis advertising experts.

So, if you’re inspired by Twitter’s new policy (like us), you own a cannabis business, and you want to start building your brand, Frank can help. Hire Frank to handle all of your cannabis marketing needs.

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