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Warriors for Freedom

Warriors for Freedom is a non-profit that serves veterans and their families. They foster camaraderie through action-oriented programming, offering a wide variety of recreation, including scuba diving, hunting, and fishing. These services are offered alongside small group counseling.

How do we separate from the pack while putting veterans front-and-center?

The Challenge

These are thrill-seekers, fun-havers, competitors... real humans embarking on recovery and helping others recover. We wanted to separate from the pack and shift away from “woe-is-me” language and trivializing stock photography. We need to engage increasingly younger veterans, volunteers, and donors while paying respects to those who paved the way.

The Solution

The Warriors for Freedom brand needed to speak to veterans and donors alike. We created each asset with the people in mind, focused on empowering veterans and attracting donors and volunteers. We modernized the look of the organization while staying true to its' roots and values.

Thought Process

The three ribbon stripes represent Warriors for Freedom's three key teams: veterans, volunteers, and donors. The star brings continuity from the old logo. Additionally, this mark is versatile. It is ready to scale for all applications and provides a sturdy, military-grade “W” for when the full “Warriors for Freedom” moniker is too lengthy.

Design Decision

We made the decision to include koozies, whiskey glasses, and matches because many of the Warriors enjoy drinking and smoking. Many of them have engaged with significant hardships, and they despise the way some organizations and popular media infantilize their mental health struggles.

A custom warriors for freedom whisky glass with a bullet in the sideWarriors for Freedom branded white coozie on a can in a hand
“The team is incredible. They always get it done.”

Erica Walker

Executive Director, Warriors for Freedom


Membership is up, donations are up.

Increase in Memberships
Increase in Donations
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