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CBD Pros

CBD Pros is a regional CBD retailer with an in-house brand. CBD Pros was founded in 2018 with a commitment to running an ethical and elegant business that could lead and grow within this young branch of the wellness industry. This is an emerging industry, and “new” can be intimidating. CBD Pros will serve as many people’s point-of-entry into the larger world of alternative self-care.

How do we make CBD Accessible and alter the stigma surrounding alternative wellness?

The Challenge

CBD Pros had been in operation several years before our partnership. They already had a large and loyal customer base that we didn’t want to deter. With more names entering the wellness industry, CBD Pros wanted to maintain their relevancy as well as expand their reach to a broader, more affluent customer demographic. CBDP had grown exponentially since its conception, which meant the brand existed in more places and in several different mediums. They were searching for a way to show consistency but still speak to their core values.

The Solution

We kept it simple. Many products within the wellness, supplement, and CBD spaces have flimsy branding with too many details on the labels, colors that are meant to look natural only to fall flat, and illustrations that are hard to see at a distance. We wanted to create an elegant and trustworthy brand. Taking visual cues from the beauty and pharmaceutical industry, we were left with a clean and modern brand that could compete with other major competitors. Yet, it still managed to echo its visual past.

Thought Process

Throughout the entire design process, packaging and store signage always lied at the forefront of our minds when figuring a solution. The pharmaceutical industry doesn’t waste any time with aesthetics. We wanted the brand to demonstrate that same clarity, but still consider more visually pleasing elements. We decided to use real humans, rather than illustrations and other graphic elements to help convey to customers that CBD Pros had a place in their lives.

CBD Pros cereal bars packaging

Design Decision

CBD Pros has many different product lines and marketing needs that each require slightly different approaches. So, having different marks that could be used in different ways was imperative. Each mark identifies the brand but generates different psychological responses therefore reinforcing the brands reach and lasting impressions.

3 CBD Pros branded concentrate boxes stacked in a pyramid on a white background
“Frank. is a fantastic marketing agency, and I love their work. Their strength is their branding and creativity.“

Brittney Stone

CBD Pros

a patten of multicolored CBD Pros tincture bottles


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