How Do Bees Make Honey? With Beekeeper Justin Scott

February 13, 2023
Written by
Bailey Fortenbaugh, Yosuke Shingu
Published on
May 9, 2023

Ever wondered how bees make honey? In this episode, we sat down with Justin Scott, an expert Beekeeper from Oklahoma. We discussed exactly what the honey-making process looks like, what it takes to start your own honey farm, and what professional beekeepers do for their jobs. 

Key Takeaways about Professional Beekeeping from Justin Scott

Justin is the owner of Sweet Stingers Honey and Apiary, a beekeeping operation in Oklahoma that produces and sells honey. Their primary focus is professionally managing bees for people that want or need bees in their area.

Scott spoke about the variety of uses bees have, from their environmental impact to the range of materials that can be made from beehives and their honey. “The comb that the bees store their honey in… that is called the wax comb. That is where beeswax comes from,” Scott said, talking about the different materials bees produce. “You can melt down the beeswax and you can make different products. We make lip balms, lotions, candles… you can also harvest the raw pollens that the bees bring in… a lot of people use it for medicinal purposes, tinctures, things of that nature.”

We also talked about the importance of bees and how they influence our environment. “Human civilization would die in 4 years if honeybees weren’t around… Bees are responsible for 1 in 3 bites of food. They're responsible for entire ecosystems… Bees have been declared the most important species in the world… [Without them] we would have food shortages like we’ve never seen before,” Scott said, talking about the role bees play in pollinating important plants and maintaining our ecosystems.

Scott spoke about social media beekeepers that build their following around their career for the wrong reasons. He said, “I don't agree with the social media posts on beekeepers that are just trying to get a like… There are girls that [remove bees] in bikinis… those are accounts for likes, that’s what they go for.” He talked about the importance of protection when working with bees and using the proper equipment to keep yourself safe. “Honeybee venom is actually more deadly than a cobra,” He said.

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