Art, Culture, and Recovering from a Stroke with Shawn Barfield

February 13, 2023
Written by
Bailey Fortenbaugh, Yosuke Shingu
Published on
May 9, 2023

On the latest episode of the Be Frank Podcast, host Yosuke Shingu sits down with guest Shawn Barfield, an artist, and filmmaker who has recently recovered from a stroke. Shawn discusses his epic short film, “Dancing in the Chamber,” and shares his journey of recovery from and inspiration from other survivors. The two also delve into Shawn’s interests in emotion, art, culture, and religion, and Shawn shares his desire to start his own podcast. Tune in for an engaging and informative conversation with Shawn Barfield on the Be Frank Podcast.

Key Takeaways about Criticism, Culture, and Learning with Shawn Barfield

Shawn is an artist and filmmaker from Norman, Oklahoma. In April of 2020, suffered a stroke and has been on a journey of recovery ever since. Through this journey, he uses his creative outlets as a means of inspiring other survivors.

Shawn is the creator of the short film “ Dancing in the Chamber,” which tells the story of a Jewish merchant’s experience in a Nazi concentration camp and his journey of hope, hell, revelation, and triumph. He and Yosuke, both being involved in the world of film and video, discussed the process of criticism and improving one’s work. Shawn said, “The critique part is making adjustments to the idea until it feels right… [It’s] for you to learn… To say I see what [they] mean and I agree and I’ll change that. Or don’t agree, and don’t change.” He discussed the importance of feedback, saying, “Have an open mind to other artists and be ready to change. We make things too precious.”

He is also passionate about culture and philosophy. Shawn spoke about the intersection between our values, how we communicate, and our emotions. He said, “We get trained in values our whole lives, from day one until now… We get trained in communication… Language, also art and music, all the different ways we communicate… communication is the passing of emotions.” 

Shawn wants to someday start his own podcast. Yosuke spoke about his podcast being a major point of learning and growing for him, and Shawn stated, “The main thing I want to do with my podcast is to learn. I think it’s cool to talk about things and to learn… It’s the part I’m excited about.” Both said they say podcasts as a way to have important conversations and learn from other people, as well as take criticism to improve.

You can follow Shawn’s work on his channel: @shawnbarfield2834

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